Blood Bass

The Blood Bass is finally finished. Thanks to Scott Lashay for letting me experiment with him. It came out great. Live photography of Blood Bass owner, the bassist of Drumlins, courtesy of photographer, John Mourlas.

Daphne Blue Stratocaster

This guitar was hand made out of one piece of swamp ash for the body, and one piece of rock maple for the neck. It was also finished here at Milwaukee Guitar Company in the old school traditional nitrocellulose lacquer that Luthiers used in the golden age of guitar making. The finish is very thin […]

HD-28 Bridge Reset

The Humid Summer months in Wisconsin can be just as hard on instruments as the dry cold winter months. Here is a case of a beautiful HD-28 that the bridge was pulling up on. Not a very difficult repair, but a very important one to catch in time, or else it becomes a much bigger […]

Hole Patched in Martin

This was a really sad sight to see when this customer emailed me these photos. I guess his roommates dropped another guitar right on the side of his Martin, and the tuning machines punched a hole in the side of it. Luckily he still had most of the pieces. Careful and strategic clamping made this […]

Eric Clapton Strat Refret

Hey everyone, Here are some pictures of a claption strat I recently refretted and setup. Enjoy.