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available by appointment only

Milwaukee Lutherie is an owner-operated luthier shop located in Milwaukee’s historic Walker’s Point neighborhood.

Owner, Alex Allgood, specializes in the repair and restoration of all stringed instruments, as well as custom guitars, basses, effects and personal instruction.

Services Available:

  • Set-ups
  • Fretwork
  • Structural Repairs
  • Neck Resets
  • Finish Repairs
  • Guitar Electronics
  • Vintage Restoration
  • Lutherie Instruction
  • Insurance Appraisals
  • Custom Builds


Check out these images for a glimpse inside the Milwaukee Lutherie studio.



Milwaukee Lutherie started as an idea luthier, Alex Allgood, had almost a decade ago. His profound love for this city inspired him to create a shop where tradition meets technology to create high quality, beautiful instruments. Blending time-tested, classic techniques with the technology expected of a modern instrument allows for guitars that truly give the modern musician the ultimate playing experience.

In addition to instruments and effects, Milwaukee Lutherie also offers a wide range of repair and restoration services, using the same tools and techniques used by luthiers for centuries. If you are interested in the art of lutherie, we also offer instruction.

Milwaukee Lutherie is located in Milwaukee’s Historic Walker’s Point and is open by appointment. We also offer a variety of effects as well as instruction.Milwaukee Lutherie is here to help musicians and instruments reach their potential, never hesitate to contact me with your project or questions.

About Alex Allgood, Owner

Like most young boys, Alex was introduced to music by way of the guitar. His father’s family has a long tradition in the trades and woodworking, his mother’s family in music, with talents ranging from classical to jazz. What resulted for Alex was a fascination with the makings of a high quality instrument. Even as a child, Alex was always interested in music, instruments, and electronics, constantly taking things apart and using his keen eye to reassemble them.

After many years of pursuing an apprenticeship with Master Luthier Dennis Rauen, Alex’s persistence finally paid off and he was able to learn the trade from the man who many consider the best in the industry. Alex was able to learn from Dennis and his son, Josh, and is forever grateful for their precise and deliberate training. While working for Rauen Guitars, Alex was given the opportunity to go on tour around the world with several bands as an on stage guitar technician. From this, Alex was able to learn what it is exactly that a musician needs from his or her touring and studio instruments. Upon returning to Milwaukee, Alex decided to start Milwaukee Guitar Company, where his passion and knowledge combine to offer unmatched vintage style instruments for the modern musician.

Custom Guitars

At Milwaukee Lutherie, we offer custom built instruments at price points that working musicians can afford. In return they will have an instrument that will continually age with them, the way vintage guitars and basses did. We only use time tested nitrocellulose Lacquer finishes that allow the wood to continually breathe and resonate more freely than what modern finishes allow. Because every player has specific tastes to the shaped and sizes of their necks, you can give us specs of a particular neck that you love and we can match it for you.

Currently We offer 5 standard models that all start at $1500.00:
Model S, Model T, Model JM, Model JB and model PB.

All models include (except where not applicable):

  • Swamp ash body
  • Quarter sawn maple necks
  • Vintage clay or phenolic position markers
  • Vintage style tremolo with Cold rolled steel Tremolo block for increased sustain
  • Lindy Fralin Hand Wound Pickups to your specs.
  • Steinberger Gearless Locking tuners with 40:1 gear ratio
  • Bone Nut
  • Alpha Pots and quality paper in oil capacitors
  • Vintage thin nitrocellulose finish in all the traditional colors

Lutherie Instruction

We are pleased to offer lutherie instruction for individuals and small groups interested in learning about the art of Lutherie. We specialize in guitar repair and restoration instruction as well as electric guitar design and construction, but if you have other goals let us know, we can help with just about anything. I will also travel to train as well. Luthiers tend to have to fashion a lot of existing tools to meet their needs. I can help you make the tools you need to get the jobs done right without having to spend Lots of Money on pricey tools from specialty luthier shops.

Instruction pricing for number of days paid in advance. Paid days are not required to be taken consecutively.

  • Daily: $250
  • Weekend (Sat & Sun): $500
  • 3-Days: $750
  • Per Week (6 Days): $1350
  • One Month (25 Days): $4000
  • Multiple Months: $3500 per
  • Group Seminars: needs quote


Over the years I have had the pleasure to work with a number of artists. I learn things from every single musician I come across.

900 S. 5th Street, Suite 103
Milwaukee, WI 53204